Can i setup a VPN or VOIP server on my Unmetered VDS?

Yes you can, we don't filter or block any VPN or VOIP ports

Can i stream videos or songs from my Unmetered VDS?

Video/Audio Streaming is allowed as long as the content is NOT PIRATED, ADULT, ILLEGAL. "Your...

Can you i peer, seed torrents from my Unmetered VDS?

Peering or Seeding personal or open source content is allowed. PIRATED, ADULT, ILLEGAL torrents...

How much bandwidth can my port speed actually transfer per month?

250Mbps : 80TB/mo | 500Mbps : 160TB/mo | 750Mbps : 240TB/mo | 1Gbps : 320TB/mo

Is there any bandwidth cap or fair use policy applied on my VDS?

All Unmetered instances have no bandwidth cap, the port is limited to a certain speed you choose...