How can i cancel my VPS/VDS Instance or addon?

Simply login to your client area and go to the service page you want to cancel, you will find a request cancellation button available.
To avoid getting a new invoice generated please make sure you cancel atleast 5 days prior to you billing due date.

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What is the difference between a VPS and VDS?

A VPS Virtual Private Server is a fully isolated hosting environment that is given a resources...

How long does it take to recieve the new VPS/VDS Details?

VPS/VDS Deploy time is usualy under 5 minutes, you should recieve the Instance information email...

How can i get a Trial VPS/VDS to test before ordering?

Simply register a new account from our client area and submit a sales ticket requesting a Trial...

Can i upgrade my VPS/VDS without losing my data?

Yes all your data will remain as is, The upgrade process only requires a system reboot.

How can i force restart my VPS/VDS instance?

Simply login to your client area and go to the service page, you will find a reboot button...